The Cost Of Health

“It’s too expensive”

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard and said. Typically, this is in context to something replaceable. 
Houses, cars, meals out, jewelry and clothes – these are all examples of things we may deem to be too expensive. “Too expensive” is relative to your budget and perceived value. 
70% of Americans have a budget they follow. If you’re in that percentage, you know that your budget can be adjusted. Adjustments happen for things you see value in. Ultimately leading us to say something is “too expensive” if we don’t find enough value in exchange for the cost. 

A Look At The Numbers

We hear the phrase “it’s too expensive” frequently in the health and fitness field.
We’ve now established that phrase actually means – “I don’t value that in exchange for the cost”. 
Let’s dig into some numbers according to the CDC: 
– 36.5% of Americans are obese- Another 32.5% of Americans are overweight- This translates to 229 million people in these two categories (America is #1 in the world)
Diabetes is one of the top three chronic diseases in America.


According to Good RX Research from April 2020, 9% of Americans are diabetic or 30 million people, with an additional 1.5 million diagnosed every year. 
This leads to $237 billion in direct medical costs each year and $90 billion in indirect cost like missed work or lack of productivity, annually. 
The average yearly cost for a diabetic individual that uses insulin and has insurance is $4,822. For someone who has uncontrolled diabetes, that annual cost jumps to $7,663.
The top two factors that lead to diabetes: weight and inactivity.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Think about the most physically active people you know. What are their common traits? 
– Happy- Good mood- Energetic- Generally successful
Have you ever heard them complain about not enjoying working out? Have you ever heard them talk about regretting the amount of time they spend investing in their health and fitness? Likely not, for both.
Outside of consistency and effort, what are the costs to be physically active? 

The Cost Of Health

We’ll break down national averages and the amount of time you’ll spend with the following healthcare professionals in exchange for their service and time.
– Doctor visit – $450/visit, 15 minute average appointment- Dentist visit – $290/visit, 45 minute average appointment- Physical therapy – $150/visit, 60 minute average appointment – Massage therapy – $100/visit, 60 minute average appointment- Counselor visit – $100/visit, 60 minute average appointment- Personal training – $70/visit, 60 minute average appointment- Chiropractor visit – $65/visit, 15 minute average appointment
While all services listed have benefits from regular visits for preventative maintenance, with the exception of massage therapy and personal training, the rest are most often used for corrective maintenance – meaning you only schedule time with them when you’re in pain.

Your Healthcare Provider

At Vault Health & Fitness we provide a personalized approach to your health and fitness. Beginning with a consultation to identify your goals and needs, you’ll experience personal training and have the option to experience small group or large group training. We also take a habit based approach to nutrition coaching. 
75% of our members participate in group training. The average number of workouts each member completes each week is 3.5. On average, a member will spend 15 hours with us every month. The breakdown – $10/hr to do something that makes their life significantly better. 
When was the last time you saw any of your other health care providers for 15 hours in a month? Most people won’t spend 15 hours in a month, with their other healthcare providers combined. 
Many of our members would describe us as their #1 supporter in their health and fitness, their favorite place to spend time – outside of time with their family, and their healthcare provider. This is delivered at a fraction of the cost of any of their other healthcare providers, while they receive significantly more value.

Is It Too Expensive?

Everyone has a different reason for seeking us out. They’re trying to solve a problem in their life. When we sit down with someone for the first time, they share their pain points, what the pain has meant to their life, and how they envision their life will be without it. After getting a clear understanding of where that person is starting and where they want to go – we give them a plan of action to make their vision a reality. The only objection we’ve ever heard is “it’s too expensive”. Based on the data we’ve gathered, if that person doesn’t start their journey right then, they don’t take action, anywhere, for another 4 months. 
The question to be asked is – can you afford to stay in the same place you’re in right now

What’s Next

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