Why I Hired A Personal Trainer

Like Everyone Else

We used to be like everyone else.

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We’d see people pop into the gym and try a group class. They’d either like it and try an extended offer or they’d slip out the front door never to be seen or heard from again. At the time, we didn’t offer nutrition coaching or personal training.

When I look back at how we did things, I’m embarrassed. I opened Vault Health & Fitness to be the 3rd gathering place in people’s lives. The mission was clear and simple. Create the best community and deliver the best results in NW Ohio. By March 2020, we were really good at building community. Results? Some members getting them, while others struggled. We didn’t have a system that led members to where they wanted to go.

Blessing In Disguise

Covid hit. It was the best thing that could’ve happened to our business. In the short term, I didn’t realize that, but as I sought help and started making changes. We adopted the model used by the best gyms in the world to deliver results consistently to everyone who walked in our doors.

Generally speaking when people are struggling with their health, they think fitness is their solution, so they Google search “gym”. 

A gym won’t solve their problem any more than a church will solve a lack of spirituality, a treatment center will resolve an addiction, or a financial institution will redeem a financial crisis.

What people are actually looking for is a leader, a coach, and a communicator with a plan. They will often say they need things like “education, structure, and scheduling availability”. The biggest thing we find to be a common trait for the over 1,000 members we’ve had the opportunity to lead in the past 3 years, is accountability.

Knowing What To Do

We’ll hear – I know what to do, I just don’t do it. I also “know what to do” regarding my car maintenance. The oil should be changed every 3-5k miles, the tires should be rotated every 10k miles, some kind of filters should be changed occasionally, and I’m sure some other things should happen as well. I couldn’t begin to tell you how to do any of them. Ask my mechanic – he’ll have a good laugh, he’ll also tell you I don’t do any of the things I know to do when they’re supposed to be done.

When we’re told someone knows how to train or that they’re good with nutrition, in most cases, that statement is as deep as my auto mechanical skill set. That’s not a knock on them. We usually meet people during a downward trajectory with their health or they’re at their low point. They feel many emotions including: anxiety, disappointment, fear, frustration, and shame. These people want us to know they have strengths and that they’re winning with some things. They know what to do – they just aren’t doing it.

A Short Story

I’m not sitting in my ivory tower casting stones. Let me share a quick story. 

Here’s a quick list of my fitness background: 

  • Started playing sports when I was 4
  • Strength training for 20+ years 
  • Played college football
  • Competitive bodybuilder for 7 years
  • Studied under some of the best health and fitness coaches on the planet
  • Started coaching nutrition and training online in 2016
  • Opened Vault Health & Fitness in 2018
  • Opened Delhi Fitness Club in 2018

I was in Cincinnati at my other gym a few weeks ago. We recently added to our leadership team. I traveled to meet our new leader in person and review pending changes to our processes for membership sign ups, group coaching, nutrition coaching, and personal training. At the end of the mock tour, we sat down in the office. Jeremy (our new team member) was telling me how a consultation would go if XYZ happened. I asked if we could run through the entire process from the top – he would ask the questions and I’d give him real answers. My business partner, Scott, sat in and listened, chuckling at all of my answers. During the conversation, Jeremy asked when I last felt good physically and was proud of my progress. I quickly responded – summer 2017. I blurted out my answer like it was yesterday.

Where Did The Time Go?

It feels like it wasn’t that long ago. 

That was my moment.

The last time I felt good and was proud of my efforts in my own health and fitness was the summer of 2017 which was four years ago. Life moves fast. It’s easy to lose track of time. We know what to do. Plans are made, but we don’t follow it. We start and stop. We promise ourselves that we’ll start next week. Monday is the day I’ll take action. Next month. 2022. We keep kicking the can further down the road. We make excuses for ourselves, but never take the action we need to take. Eventually, we forget the formula we previously used for success.

I was embarrassed by my answer. Embarrassment isn’t a solution. Action is. The biggest piece that has been missing for me is accountability. I hired a personal trainer to hold me accountable for taking action.

Reflection And Planning

Everyone’s story is different. We all have different goals and different motivations. I want to feel better and have more energy to be a better leader for my teams and my communities. I’d like to look better in my clothes. I don’t want to avoid the beach or the pool because I’m embarrassed to take my shirt off or go into the water with my shirt on.

As we cross the mid-summer marker of the 4th of July – it’s a reminder that we’re halfway through 2021. Regarding your health and fitness, take some time to reflect on where you’ve been in the first six months of the year. Are you happy with your results? Are you pleased with your efforts? Do you feel like you’re on the right path? Did your plan work? Then, take some time to map out where you’re going. What will keep you engaged in the process? Who will support you in making your goals come to life? Will you be proud to accomplish by the end of the year? What action is required to make those things happen?

Personal Training?

You may be like me and discover that you need a personal trainer. You’re in need of accountability. You thrive when you have a plan. You’re wanting someone to communicate with when you’re hitting an obstacle or need to be vulnerable. You need someone that will push you to take a specific action to keep making progress.

At Vault Health & Fitness, that’s exactly what we do. We’re a coaching business.

We’d be happy to hear your story, make a plan that’s sustainable for you and guide you to success!

We believe that winners find a way to win. You deserve to win! If you’re ready to take action and start winning, book your free consultation with one of our award winning personal trainers today!


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