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“Kay-Lynne had never had a gym membership. Yet she was the 1st member to ever walk through our doors. Her goal was to lose the 5lbs she had wanted to lose for the past 18 years.”
“She set a small goal, she showed up consistently, worked hard, and was open to learning. Her 5lb goal turned into 30lbs! At 60 years old and a breast cancer survivor, she’s proven that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to! We’re proud of you Kay-Lynne!”


“Tina hated working out. Years of inactivity led her to not feeling well and wanting to make a change, but wasn’t sure where to start or what to do. She knew she needed coaching for her journey.”
“She overcame her fear of being in a gym when she saw people of all ages and body types in the gym, working to make their goals a reality as well. By being willing to try something new, not only did Tina completely transform her body and lifestyle, but she gained a family and a home away from home! We’re thankful to share the journey with you Tina!”


“Katie was a gym hopper. She came into our community hoping to learn some tools for her toolbox and be on her way. She was skeptical about our onboarding program, but quickly realized we were only were interested in helping her be successful.”

“With her 40th birthday (#fitby40) around the corner, and her jam packed schedule, she made herself a priority and set time aside for herself to focus on improving her health. While her results of losing over 15 inches, 25 lbs, and 3 pant sizes are incredible, we’re most excited to hear she has confidence in herself and feels the strongest she ever has in her life! You’re amazing Katie! Thanks for all you add to our Vault Family!”



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