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Our Founder

Matt Temby

In 2016, I was restless. I loved investing in my teams at Target and bringing joy to our guests’ day through our interactions with them and their family, but something was missing.

I grew up loving sports and playing them all. Basketball was my first love, replaced later by football, which I played through college. After graduating, I started my career as a financial advisor. I was working 80+ hours/week, my activity levels dropped, and I stopped working out for the first time since I was 13. After several months, my body had shifted shapes and I was hating how I felt and looked. I hired a coach to write a diet plan for me…which led me to the world of bodybuilding which I competed in for 7 years.

My career as a financial advisor was short lived. After a short period of time with a bank, I ended up in a leadership role at Target. My leader saw potential in me and she invested heavily in my development. After two years with Target, I was given the opportunity to lead my own team as a store director.

I loved Target. I loved the culture, I loved the way we treated our team members, I loved the experience we created for our guests. I moved to Perrysburg, Ohio in 2014, from Howell, Michigan, to take on a struggling store with a broken culture and processes. We started from scratch with new leaders that believed in the vision for the future of our team and our store.

Late in 2015, two major life events happened – after nearly a decade of my life largely being controlled by alcohol, I removed it from my life. I’ll celebrate my 5th year of sobriety on 10/31/2020. A few weeks later I was invited to a local church. I was captivated by the pastor and the message he shared. I gave my heart and life to Christ shortly after.

The summer of 2016 should’ve been a relaxing season – I was surrounded by great leaders, our teams were bought into our vision, our guests were amongst the happiest in the entire country, we were setting records with our metrics…but something was missing.

After searching my heart, I concluded the ultimate impact I was making through my role wasn’t as fulfilling as it once had been. I wanted to impact lives in a deeper, longer lasting way. I felt my best physically, mentally, and emotionally when I was consistent with my workouts and nutrition. I felt even better when I had set goals, created an intentional plan, executed the plan over an extended period of time and reached the goals. I wanted others to experience what I experienced through training and nutrition. I wanted those closest to me to have an improved quality of life by improving their health, through fitness.

I started an online training and nutrition coaching business that year. As more clients experienced more success, their friends and family would ask what they had done to transform their body and, in many ways, their life – which lead to more referrals and more growth.

As I spent more energy and time working with clients I became more fulfilled and felt my time at Target was nearing its final season. Early in 2018, after a long relationship ended, I was ready to leave Ohio. I interviewed with 1st Phorm, a supplement company in St Louis, Missouri that I had worked with since 2015, for a full time coaching position. I packed my apartment in Perrysburg. I flew to St. Louis, the interview went well. I had prayed for peace and clarity. Coming from a large immigrant family, the thought of starting a new journey halfway across the country, with the intention of meeting my wife, raising my future children and building my life in St. Louis was an important decision.

God gave me a clear answer – don’t go. Stay in Ohio and wait. I was obedient to what was put in my heart. Less than a month later, I had a discussion with a gym that had started in my hometown in Michigan. I was interested in helping build their systems and provide leadership to their franchise locations, but that wasn’t on their radar at the time. The only opportunity was opening my own location.

Although I had always been an athlete and loved working out, I never wanted to own a gym.

I spent several weeks in prayer – and received so much peace and clarity that I knew God had put Vault in my path. I felt the calling to stay in Perrysburg and use this platform as a way to breathe kindness, love, and support into the lives of everyone who would walk through our doors.

I set the goal of leaving Target by the end of June 2019, over a year away. Vault Health & Fitness opened 9/28/2018 with the mission to create the best community and deliver the best results in northwest Ohio.

With an incredible team of coaches that share my vision as well as my core values of empathy, humility, kindness, relationship building, and work ethic we’ve positively impacted hundreds of lives and built a truly special community. We’re blessed to share the journey of life with our members and their families.

I left Target in June 2019, thankful for the countless wonderful people that came into my life through that adventure, as well as the leadership and business lessons I learned along the way. My online coaching business has been integrated with our coaching services we provide at Vault. I also own a gym in Cincinnati, Ohio – Delhi Fitness Club which opened in December 2018. I live in Perrysburg, Ohio and look forward to raising my future family in this community where I’m surrounded by so many incredible people that love and support me.

Our Professional Coaches

Erin Higgins - Head Coach

I'm a personal trainer, group fitness and nutrition accountability coach here at Vault Health & Fitness. My love for fitness and activity started young- I grew up playing any and all sports possible, riding horses, and really found my niche in water sports- skiing, wakeboarding, and rowing.

I joined the Crew team in high school and continued rowing in college at Miami University. After college, I continued to enjoy lifting weights and competed in three NPC bodybuilding shows from 2014-2016.

My goal at Vault is to have a positive impact on the lives of every person who walks through our door- helping them become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. This goes way beyond helping people look their best- this covers performance, mindset, motivation, and lifestyle. My passion is to help people find the perfect balance- meaning they can enjoy life to the fullest while looking, feeling, and performing their best. No matter where you are in your journey or what you have tried before, I am determined to help you reach your goals and create the changes you never thought possible.

Stephanie Funkhouser

Coach/Nutrition Coach
It's truly a gift to find where your passion meets the place where you give your time. That's why Stephanie has integrated her interests and skills with the needs of others. Stephanie is a Stay-at-Home Mom who is passionate about the health and wellness of her family and friends.

She noticed that fellow moms, both working and stay-at-home, were rarely doing much for themselves to recharge.

This is why Stephanie created a community for moms to workout, laugh, cry and support one-another through parenthood. It’s affectionately called Mom’s Gym. Their children grow up being a part of Mom’s Gym from an early age watching their mom getting stronger and practicing healthy habits.

Her friends count on her for food preparation ideas, healthy and “almost-homemade” meals, as well as advice about how to incorporate new habits into their own routine. Stephanie has studied Precision Nutrition Coaching-Level 1. She coaches others to live behavioral changes that launch them towards little and big wellness goals.

Running is a joy for Stephanie, a way to socialize and stay fit. One of Stephanie’s bucket list goals was to run The Boston Marathon. Although held as a virtual race in 2020, she continues to re-qualify for the next race and pursue running the prestigious race in person. You might see her volunteering at local RunToledo races where she is an ambassador. She’s known for her jump pics and loves capturing photos with fellow runners.

Members at Vault welcomed Stephanie in with encouraging words and invitations to join them at the next workout. It wasn’t long before Stephanie learned about the annual team event, Vault’s own Endeavor. She put her name on a list with other individuals who had never participated before either. As weekly challenges progressed the team gained rapport, having daily group chats and strategizing how to get good scores. She and her team met hundreds of others from all Vault locations at the final event. Pushing her own limits and cheering on others pushing theirs, made the experience unforgettable. Stephanie said, “Next year’s Endeavor can’t come soon enough!”

By joining the team at Vault Health & Fitness, Stephanie found a gym community whose approach fits her big heart for serving others. The community is welcoming and staged for all levels to get the results they crave.

Kelly Wittmer

Head Nutrition Coach

I am a certified nutrition coach with a focus in teaching habits-based nutrition programs to our members at Vault Health & Fitness. I started as a member here myself and quickly learned that Vault was not just a gym, but a second home!

My own personal health journey started six years ago after my husband and I had our first child. Using improved nutrition and a new found love for exercise I saw what an impact changing habits could have on our life and began sharing those with others.

This personal health journey quickly turned into an adventure for our whole family. Our children love being part of this journey with us. They know the importance of good nutrition while also living a balanced lifestyle. They see our commitment to our workouts and often join us. We realized that the more we involved them, the more they wanted to learn.

My goal as one of the nutrition coaches at Vault is to contribute by not only helping our members improve their nutrition but to also impact their families. Through shared tips and tricks, kid friendly foods, and actions that can be taken to include family, members have found the same success I did!

Austin Van Buskirk

I'm Austin Van Buskirk and I'm from a small town called Belle Center, Ohio. I am currently an ACE certified personal trainer and working toward receiving my certified strength and conditioning specialist certification.

My passion for health and wellness was developed in light of my own personal injuries. At the age of thirteen I herniated my L5 vertebral disc which rendered me ineligible from all sports for that year. It was during that following year on my way back to recovery I realized the potential of exercise. This led me down a rabbit hole of discovering all the possible ways the body can become bigger, faster, and stronger. I began applying my own strength training in high school mainly to become better at sports as I am extremely competitive and wanted to be the best I could be. After receiving some offers to play college football I decided to invest my passion into discovering and researching ways to help others discover the power of exercise as I had. I went to BGSU and received my bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a specialization in exercise programming in 2021. I am currently enrolled in a master’s program at Concordia University of Chicago where I am receiving my master’s degree in applied exercise science with a specialization in strength and conditioning. My experience in this field includes working as a certified personal trainer for the last three years, working for the United States Air Force as an exercise program designer and health consultant for cadets, and working as a high school football head strength and conditioning coach. I hope to use my knowledge in order to help as many people as I can discover the power of health, exercise, and live happier and healthier lives!


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