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How to Stay “On Track” When Going Out to Restaurants

The food we consume has a strong impact on our health and wellness. Our goal is to maintain a diet that is sustainable, enhances our physical performance, and strengthens our immunity. Restaurants, on the other hand, have another goal in mind. Their main objective is

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Are Healthy Foods More Expensive?

Most Americans consume diets that do not meet the federal dietary recommendations. According to the CDC, only 9-12% of adults consume the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. This low percentage can explain why the majority of the American diet is excessive in saturated fat,

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Protein Absorption

The more protein the better, right? It is no groundbreaking news that protein is a very important component to building muscle. That being said, is more protein always better? Before we dive into this question, it is important that we have a good understanding of

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Nutrition – What You’re Missing

Only Half The Battle  It’s the dog days of summer in Ohio, it’s the best time of year! Yet somehow, you’re miserable. Your clothes don’t fit, you’re avoiding social events and you’re working hard but simply not making any progress. You realize you either need

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Why Gyms Keep Failing You

Why All Gyms Are The Same What do Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Maxx Fitness, LA Fitness, F45, Fitbody Bootcamp, Pure Barre, Club Pilates, Orange Theory Fitness, and TRV|FIT Fitness all have in common? They’ve failed you. These are all gyms or studios that have the same

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Why I Hired A Personal Trainer

Like Everyone Else We used to be like everyone else. Free intro sessions. Free week. 14 days for $39.  We’d see people pop into the gym and try a group class. They’d either like it and try an extended offer or they’d slip out the

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The Cost Of Health

“It’s too expensive” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard and said. Typically, this is in context to something replaceable. Houses, cars, meals out, jewelry and clothes – these are all examples of things we may deem to be too expensive. “Too expensive” is relative to your

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