Nutrition – What You’re Missing

Only Half The Battle 

It’s the dog days of summer in Ohio, it’s the best time of year! Yet somehow, you’re miserable. Your clothes don’t fit, you’re avoiding social events and you’re working hard but simply not making any progress. You realize you either need to make some changes, create new habits, or work harder.

We meet people every week that have these challenges. 

You find an environment where you’re comfortable getting started with your fitness journey (if you haven’t found a great environment yet, here’s why). You’re consistent for 90 days. Your coach updates your measurements from when you first started. You’ve put in time, effort, and invested your money. You feel better and have more energy but your clothes still don’t fit how you’d like! If you’ve already been working out, you’re working out harder and longer than ever. You’re still disappointed in your lack of progress. 

The emotions you’re likely feeling are frustration and confusion. What’s holding you back? Nutrition!

The Power Of Nutrition – Michael’s Story

We met Michael at the beginning of summer. Michael was an avid fitness enthusiast. He had been at the same gym for over 7 years. Michael religiously worked out six days every week. He ate healthy foods regularly. However, Michael wasn’t seeing the results he wanted and was tired of spinning his wheels. He came to our community and was excited for new workouts. He shared his goals of fat loss and how he wanted his body to look. We provided a clear path to success. Habit based nutrition coaching. Michael decided to try something new and enrolled in our nutrition coaching program. We taught him how to fit more protein into his daily plan, control his portion sizes, eat more carbs, while still enjoying social settings. We encouraged Michael NOT to work out more and to put his energy into his consistency with nutrition. 

Here’s what Michael achieved in 90 days: He lost 15 pounds of body fat (9%), while maintaining his muscle mass and learning new habits that will allow him to sustain better results! Take a look at his transformation! Michael didn’t allow his age (51) to be a factor. He was open to learning new skills to make the progress he was looking for!

Nutrition And Fitness

Why was Michael able to achieve these awesome results in a short period of time? Michael was willing and able to consistently implement a handful of new habits! He learned the significance of protein after his workouts (for recovery) and throughout the day to keep him full and to maintain his hard earned muscle. Michael started consuming fewer calories by having a better understanding of the amount of calories in foods he was eating. He released his fear of carbs which allowed him to have more energy for his workouts. Most importantly, he was consistent and understood that the difference between continuing to not make progress and getting where he wanted to go came down to his nutrition. 

Start With Nutrition 

The most important step to changing your nutrition habits will depend on your current habits. However, here are some foundational principles that will put you on a path to success: 

  • Increase your daily activity level. This could be starting to walk 2-3x/week for a couple miles daily or adding strength training to your existing workout routine. 
  • Measure your water intake and increase it by 25% each day
  • If you’re not getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night, implement one habit to get you closer to that goal
  • Eat protein 3 times daily
  • Eat vegetables 2 times daily
  • Reduce the amount of things you know aren’t getting you closer to your goal (alcohol, pop, fast food)

The most important step is a step forward. What actions are you willing and able to commit to today that you will be consistent with? 

We Can Help

People usually find us by searching on Google for “gyms near me”. While our building is a gym, the service we provide is coaching that provides a better quality of life for you. Our most successful members combined exercise and nutrition habits because it helps them feel better, reach their goals faster, and find sustainability through creating healthy habits in both areas of their life. 

Are You Ready? 

The majority of Americans live with some level of pain that is created through their current habits with exercise and nutrition. Our mission isn’t to serve America – our mission is to serve you, your family and neighbors in northwest Ohio, starting with Perrysburg. If you’re ready to reduce your pain and unlock a better quality of life, take action today. Use the link below to book your healthy plate intro. We’ll listen to your story, get an understanding of your biggest challenges, and give you a clear path of action through nutrition and exercise to create a future living the quality of life you deserve!

We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you create your success story! 

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